The Story of Connected Life
through Rock, Earth and Community.

EarthBound exhibition poster by Bernie Rutter

Cave Hyenas Sculpture in the EarthBound Exhibition

Aurochs Sculpture in the EarthBound Exhibition

Alex and Thrip

Sally and Kate

Cyanotypes and Soil Bacteria in the EarthBound Exhibition

Cave Hyenas Sculpture in the EarthBound Exhibition

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EarthBound exhibition at the National Stone Centre, September 2022

EarthBound launched in the Summer of 2022 in a purpose built exhibition structure in a former limestone quarry at The National Stone centre in Derbyshire. Building a temporary exhibition space in this amazing environment was achieved with the kind and bedrock support of the Institute of Quarrying and Longcliffe Quarries and a dedicated and skilled team, who worked tirelessly to create the EarthBound venue and hang the show ready for its launch in the Summer of 2022. A very fitting place to send EarthBound out into the World, and for people to experience the show for the first time, in an old limestone quarry going back to nature! Over that summer it attracted thousands of visitors of all ages. The visitor book was full of over 30 pages of comments, really lovely for the EarthBound team to get such a response to a story of rock, earth and place. Thank you for all the incredible support! We’re looking forward to sharing the EarthBound story with many more people as the show tours into 2024-25!

Quotes from Visitors to the show

‘A Superb exhibition, so much work has gone into giving me more of an insight into life and history of Derbyshire’s past and present. Very inspiring!’

‘An amazing exhibition! I have found the the whole experience quite emotional.’

‘Beautiful exhibition, very inspiring, really lovely combination of techniques, observations and creative responses to the land. Loved it. Thank you.

‘Awesome exhibition! It really brought hidden worlds to light-people quietly going about their work on the land, fossils in rocks, bugs in their miniature universe. A world class exhibition!’

‘I’m completely blown away!’

‘This should be seen more widely- it’s an excellent exhibition, photography, drawing, sculpture, all of the highest standard and so, so interesting, just wonderful!’

‘A beautiful and thought provoking exhibition.’

‘Absolutely magnificent exhibition, Wow! We loved it all- aged 7 to 70!’

‘I’m speechless! Absolutely stunning! Moved to tears.’

Creating EarthBound

Sally working on the Aurochs in her Welsh studio.

Alex at work, photographing wood ants.

Alex preparing SEM samples at the Natural History Museum.

Kate working on her collected samples to make the SEM stubs for imaging in the Natural History Museum in London.

Bernie Rutter and Kate in Bernie’s print workshop.

Bernie’s beautiful old printing press with words for EarthBound in creation.

EJ Lance at work on a sketch of the Adult EarthBound Being

Alex investigating Wondrous fungi.

Kate in search of Dor beetles in her horses field for Alex to photograph.

Kate platinum palladium printing Glynis’s portrait at RJ Print Labs in Durham.

Liane and Kate at work in her studio.

Liane’s beautiful printing onto the limestone geology with Kate’s portraits.

Liane’s sculpture of Glynis’s hands holding limestone.

Liane’s printing of Amy’s portrait onto quarry reclaim salvaged by Kate.

Aurochs taking shape in Sally’s studio.

Kate photographing at the Longcliffe Quarry reclaim yard.

EarthBound exhibition poster by Bernie Rutter

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